Docklands – Hosting cocktail weddings In Melbourne

Nowadays, couples are no longer interested in throwing traditional seated wedding dinners. Today, the happy couples are looking for something original, creative and exciting. If you want to throw an unique and interesting wedding party, you should opt all smiles weddings docklands – http://allsmiles.com.au/docklands/ and organize a cocktail reception. This is currently one of the most popular new wedding styles. A cocktail reception is typically very glamorous, but highly affordable. When properly planned, it can suit the budget of every couple. Read on to learn how to plan a cocktail reception that all your guests will love and remember.

Find the Right Venue

Since you are having a non-traditional marriage ceremony, you should also look for a unique venue for a cocktail reception. Depending on your guest lists, you could opt for an art gallery, a loft, a classy wine bar, a tent or even a museum. If you don’t have a lot of guests, we suggest throwing a wedding at your home or in your yard. If you have a rather large guest list, then it will be better to rent a bigger space such as a traditional wedding hall. You can also opt for a country club, or ballroom. No matter what type of venue you choose in the end, you need to make sure it has the right ambiance to give this type a celebration an elegant and glamorous look.

As you probably know, at cocktail wedding, you won’t have seating like at traditional weddings. You will not have to rent a bunch of round tables for ten people and you won’t have to have a lot of food. The vibe of the event should be as like you are casually drinking by the bar. You will have to have enough seating for all of your guests, but the focus should be more on creating a casual and classy atmosphere. This means you should prepare light appetizers and quality drinks. The perfect combination for this type of ceremonies is to put together small tall tables with stools. Add low sofas with side tables and coffee tables and you are done! Since most of the venues don’t have this kind of furniture at disposal, you will probably have to rent it.

The focus of the event is not on the meal, but on the drinks. So you should forget about having full course meals. Your party should look something like an extended cocktail hour. A cocktail wedding is always shorter, but you don’t have to stick to this rule. However, if your budget is tight, this can help save some money aside. The menu should consist only of small bites food and easy-to-eat finger foods. Since you won’t have a traditional dinner, have in mind that you will have to have a large quantity of appetizers for your guests. By putting up several displays where guests can serve themselves, you will have everything covered. Think about what your guests like to eat and add a few interesting displays to your cocktail reception to make the food really special. You could make a sushi station, and a mashed potato bar, a tapas bar and similar. If you have a tight budget, put up a pasta bar – it’s inexpensive and tasty. Naturally, you will need to have a lot of cocktails, tasty wines, and a wide range of beers to make your wedding party ideal.